Azungu in Malawi

Who? What? Where?

First of all we want to introduce ourselves, who are we and what are we doing in Malawi.

So one of us is Agata (or Agatha for Malawians ;) ) and another one is Magda. We are physiotherapists participating in a governmental project “Polish aid”. The name of the project is “Rehabilitation in rural areas of Malawi”. We will stay in Balaka, Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi for the period of three months beginning from 31 ofAugust.

What about Malawi?

-Country in south-eastern part of Africa, neighbors are Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia

-Capital city: Lilongwe (1 out of 4 main cities in Malawi)

-Colonized by British who brought here triple-eyed plugs, left sided roads and … language: official English (spoken very well by most of the people) and Chichewa (mostly common in rural areas)

-Money: Kwacha 1$ = 550 MKW (can you imagine 100papers of 1000MKW?)

-And answering your questions in advance: YES, YES, YES! There’re supermarkets, roads (even with traffics!), unique public transport and most of usual goods such as electricity, water, internet – you can check out Sue Ryder in Malawi on facebook




Let’s say few words how it all began...

From Magda’s point of view:

Travel to Africa was always one of my dreams and more less in March 2015 I found a great opportunity to realize my plan while finding announcement in the web (actually friend of mine showed it to me ;) ) that some polish charity is looking for physiotherapist to volunteers in Malawi. Full of happiness, worries and excitement, not saying it to anyone(!) I’ve signed up! Then was a first meeting and another one…our coordinator wrote the project which won in the Governmental competition. Then I started to tell around to my friends and family what will I do in following three months, what was their most common reaction? I can divide it in to two groups, the first one said: “What? You are crazy?!! It’s so dangerous! You can’t go! Africa is full of diseases, wild animals..bla bla bla” …

and another one (definitely my favorite)” woooow! It’s so great! It will be such an adventure! You’re so lucky to go! Con grats!”

and now I’m here! Still cannot believe in it, I’m sure it will be a fantastic adventure, hold your thumbs

From Agata’s point of view:

I remember that day when I saw announcement in web like it was yesterday and actually already almost half of a year passed. I was at home and after seeing advert I said to my mom sitting nearby “wow, check out, there are people going to Africa and will be working as physios! So amazing!” later on I started thinking – why wouldn’t I be one of them? Day by day, meeting after meeting, some worries after excitement and here we are. Big concerns? What family, friends will say. I noticed 3 steps of reaction: shock + being speechless, next “wow” phase and 3 step was different:

-that’s amazing/I’m so envy/you girl have big balls… yep, even that

-why would you be doing that?/there are diseases/it’s dangerous

So here I am and I’ll tell you soon that you should come here by yourself, cause it’s very peaceful, cheerful, warming heart of Africa :)



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